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Hey Musiclovers,

    I wanted to share with you some of the products that I use and not use.


  First off, if you suffer from cellulite like me, I found a product for you. It is St.Ives Cellulite Shield. I got this from Amazon.com. It cost about 10. It says that if you use it for two weeks your appearance of cellulite will reduce. Trust me it will. Also it smells totally good.


  I got another cellulite cream that does not work at all. This is one is called Cellutone natures Solution.

First off, this totally stinks. Has a god awful smell to it. I got this from Ebay for about six dollars. I tried it for 2 weeks and it did nothing for me.


I found a good nail polish remover. Would you believe that I got it from the 99 cents store? I got the nail polish entitled Pretty Nails. I just needed to get some remover and this is what they had. The reason that I like this is when you take off your polish, it takes off everything. Even on the sides. The only downside is that after you get off the polish, it leaves your nails a orange color. But I think this is because I always have my nails painted.

  I dont recommend the nail polish that you get from CVS. It does get the polish off, but on the sides of your nails it does not remove that annoying polish. Otherwise it is okay. This will run you about 4 dollars.


  The last thing that I wanted to recommend is this lotion my boyfriend uses. He really likes it. He says that it is organic. I have used it a few times and it is pretty good. It does not have that disgusting lotion smell. It has a nice smell.

 I have to post more pics of my latest outfits and the latest things I got from Forever 21 and Ross.


I also did a fashion tutorial. I was inspired by the movie the Roommate. I love this movie and I liked one of the looks from the movie. The main character Minka Kelly wore alot of scarves and vests. But I liked her last look at the end of the movie. She had a basic white tshirt with a vest and a scarf. I think even one other look she had a fedora. So the look I put together is a white tshirt, a cardigan, scarf and a fedora. For shoes I got some black flats. Ironically the flats match the scarf. For jewelry, you need something basic. For earrings I added basic silver hoops. You obviously dont need a necklace. I added a nice silver watch. Such a cute outfit.


Check out my latest outfits and looks and things that I bought recently.


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