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  hey everyone!


DSCF1588If you saw my last video, I said that I had to go to Forever because I had alot of exchanges to do. I had to return the tights I bought. They said one size. I put them on and they were too small. Then I had bought a skirt and on the pockets they were ripped. Luckily they had a few left. I also had a few things that I realized that i did not want and want to get something different. i am so happy with I got. Before I show you what I got, I wanted to show you this cute monkey watch my bf gave me. I will be adding the ladys site. Her jewlery is so cute and cheap.DSCF1582 I mean like cheap prices. I love this watch.








 This watch was 10 dollars. Her website was





I also got a makeup brush set from mary kay, I did not take a picture, but I will be sure to add this later. Sorry about this.


So lets get started with what I got!


I did not get any make-up  cause I did not need any and I could not find anything that I liked. I got some really great nail polishes. I said that i wanted gold and silver, well I found them.DSCF1581







These were only 2.80. Everything that I got is from Forever 21.






I noticed that they are now selling a tube of lip gloss and it looks just like Victorias Secret. They are only 1.80 The shade is berry. I will be doing a video of this. Comparing the two.DSCF1580




















Next thing that I got was some jewelry. I also try and get some every time I go in there. I love their jewelry. It is such a great price and so cute! I need a necklace for the dress that I got and a bracelet. I try and buy things to match my outfit that I got. The bracelt was 3.80. It is a leaf like cuff bracelt and the necklace was 3.80 also. Long chain with hearts all on it. I am wearing the necklace in my newest outfit of the day video.DSCF1578




















I am trying to wear less black and expand in the way that I dress.  I am now getting into cardigans,jackets etc. Watching Forever 21 hauls has really helped me. I got this next dress because I had one similiar to it, and I really loved it. Navy blue dress with red,white,blue flowers on it. Comes with a brown belt. Next thing I need to figure out what accessories to wear with it? Any suggestions? The price was only 14.50DSCF1584





















Next thing that I got I could not let it get away. I loved everything about this dress. I love the way it looks in the butt area, the buttons down the front everything. It was 22.50 and it is well worth it. I think that when i pair this up I will put a jacket with it, the neckace and some cute earrings.  Oh and some brown boots.DSCF1583



















It is that time of year again to be pulling out those capris. I love capris. They are so cute. The thing with Forevers jeans/pants they tend to run a little small. I know last year I got a pair of skinny jeans and I had to get them in a size 30! I wear a size 27. That is like two sizes.  I needed these capris for an outfit. I love these. They fit me like a glove. They were 19.80. Forever is starting to sell capris and bathing suits by the way.


















When I go into Forever I love to look at the mannequin. I get so many ideas from them.  I saw this on the mannequin and fell in love. This is a sweater mannequin. Very long and flowy. I think this is very sexy and nice. 22.50 for this cardigan. In one of my videos I said that I don't like paying more than 10 dollars for one but this is one of the exceptions. I love this and you should really get this.DSCF1586












I know that I have not done outfit of the week for awhile. I love this outfit. SOOOOO cute! I love everything about this outfit. The belt the top. The top is see through, and I don't like them. If I wear a see through top, I have to put something on underneath. This top would look to weird if I were to do this.DSCF1587

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