Hey everyone

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  Hey everyone!


I am soooooooooo excited for you to see all the new great things that I have purchased from there. They have lots of florals, herem pants and lots of great things on sale. I would diffently check these things out.

DSCF1654  THese ponchos are soo cute! Reguarly they are 29.00 but I got this on sale for 15.00. I love this! If you going to wear one of these I would recommend to wear a long sleeved shirt.                                                                                                              




THis skirt sold last year. I thought about getting this but never did. The reason I did was because I have a really cute army outfit and the pants I had to wear with it, I don't like them anymore. The skirt was only 17.90










 When I was in the store I kept eyeing this dress. When I put it on I was so excited because of the way that it looked on me. The bubble skirt on the bottom, the top portion on the dress is so cute. The bottom is a brownsih color. THe dress was 19.80.









DSCF1659I am really trying to get out of wearing grey and black, but when I saw this shirt I was totally in love. I love the shoulders! THey have buttons and openings on the sleeves. Shirt was only 17.80DSCF1662





I never really wanted to do the whole blazer thing. I felt that Kim K wore them with everything and was just not interested. But like I said I am really trying to grow in the way that I am dressing and trying new things. This blazer was only 22.80

















 I LOVE TDSCF1646HIS DRESS!  So cute! This was in last season. But it is still cute. The color is a charcoal! One sleeved and the best part it is the lenghth. I like this dress cause you can wear it day or night. Only 22.80






Nice necklace! Has the word Love on it. They also have this in silver also. Only 5.80






I am a really big music person. I saw they had a guitar earrings and still could not find them. So when I saw this I had to have it. This was only 2.80DSCF1648

















Arn't the earrings nice. I was gonna wear these for Valentines Day.  THese wear 3.80DSCF1650











I love this ring. You can really put someone eye out with that. Only 5.80






DSCF1645THese are all the new nail polishes I have gotten lately. THe newest ones are: camel,grey,silver,chocaolate,blush. Grey is the best one. It looks baby blue on, but it lasts a long time. THe silver is cool looking but should be on your feet. I don't think it is strong enough. I put it on my hands and it started chipping within hours. DSCF1663

















I love these bags. When I go to Forever, i like to take the bag and put all my purchases in here. Anytime I see one with Paris on it I have to get it. THey are only 1.50


Stay tuned I have TONS more stuff!

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