Hey MusicLovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Hey MusicLovers!

  I have another haul I am so excited to show you. I will posting the pics sometime this weekend.


Here are some of the videos to be looking for this weekend!

 I got some really cute Spring dresses and shirts from Forever 21. Some things from Ross.


 I also have a video of cellulite I still have film. I got a great product and like to show you.




I had a really cool idea for videos. People do outfit of the day. I am gonna do something different. Lots of girls do makeup videos. I am doing like a fashion tutorials and how to put certain looks together.

I got inspired from the movie The roomate. I love this look and wanted to copy this outfit. And show what you need for this.


Also I really need to do my fav things and looks for Spring!

 I am soo excited to do my favorite perfumes.





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