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  I am so excited to show you my new purchases! I had such a great day yesterday! I went to Burbank and saw the movie The Roommate! Loved it and recommend it! I have wanted this one maxi dress, my forever 21 did not have it, the website did not have it. So I decided to check out the one there. They had it. I was so happy. It was a little out of my price range, but I did not care I still loved it. THis dress was 27.80. Then I had to think of shoes. I was going to get the new sandles they had on the site and just purchase them on the store it was not there. I decided to then go to Ross. If you don't know what Ross is, Ross is such a great store. Whatever does not sell in stores like Macys,Dillards etc, they send it to Ross and they sell it for cheaper price. I love to buy my shoes there. They have such cute stuff. Not crazy about the clothes but the shoes heck yeah. Here are the two pairs of shoes that I got.

THis first pair that I got is a tan wedge by the designer Sbicca of California. These shoes were on sale for 11.99! Hello great deal. They will go so good with alot of clothes for spring. The sandles I got were in season last year. I wanted a pair and never got around to buying them. They had these in a military color and I think a taupe color. These were only 9.99 and the designer is groove. SO you see how you can spend 20 dollars for two cute pairs of shoes. I will be wearing the sandles with the maxi dress.  DSCF1680





DSCF1681 I have mentioned in so many other videos how much I love the nail polishes from Forever. It is so true. I love them. I am wearing the one on the right. I love it. It is a cocoa color with a sparkle to it. It goes on so thick and dries so fast. The other is called pink but to me looks red with sparkels.DSCF1683


The things I am gonna show you I did not get in Burbank. These are things I got the last time I was at Forever.DSCF1688I have two jeans jackets already. One I have more sooooo many times. The other one is so dressy. I have a floral dress that I wanted to put with this with. I wanted one with no sleeve but I decided to get this one also. Love this! Only 24.90. The white shirt is sooo cute. It does have a bat wing to it. I love the sleeves. It is see through and I usually wear things under see through but not this. Only 17.90.



This dress has a funny story to it. I bought this dress last Sep paid full price for it. Returned it and now got it on sale for 14.99. I am so excited to see how I am going to style this dress.







I love this sweater cardigan sooo cute. Regularly 27.80 and I got on sale for 13.99! What a deal. I love the spanish style detailing on the back of the sweater.





DSCF1692I was kinda spectical about buying this dress. I am kinda over the whole ruffles thing. I guess I could not let it down. It has blue,red,yellow detail colors on it. I like it. I got this also on sale for 11.99.Regualary 24.80DSCF1684












 I got these white earrings to go with that beautiful white shirt. I wanted these earrings before I found that shirt though. Arn't they adorable?



Also to go with the white earrings I got these nice white bracelets. Don't have lots of white things. These were only 1.50.DSCF1686 This gold one I am not sure what to put this with. I just liked this. So edgey and different than what I usually buy. This was 5.80.DSCF1685
















The  black bracelet DSCF1687is my fav accessories purchase I got. I love it. I wanted it when I went on V-day! I

thought that it would look good with that charcoal dress and it is sooo cute. Only 7.80. The last thing that I got was this really cute gray cardigan. I got it on sale for 11.99.





The thing I love about it is the design on the back and not to mention that it is long sleeved. I don't have many long sleeved cardigans 











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