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DSCF1537Hey Everyone.


I really love this outfit. I can not tell you how much I love Maxi dresses. They are so comfortable! Easy to wear, you don't have to worry about anything when you wear one. I bought another one on sale for 10.99 and it shows some cleavage but whatever, it is still cute. I felt that with this outfit it needed a nice necklace. I really like to wear my hear off to the side braid. So cute. I know on another blog, I had done a page where it was my favorite outfits, this week I may not do that I am not sure.   I hope that you check this outfit out. You can get this from Forever for 22.80. I am adding the acutal outfit from the site so you can site what it looks like cause my camera did not take a very good pic of it82976551-01[1]






















Love the dress, but Maxi dresses can make you look prego. My only complaint with them.DSCF1538

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