Yesterdays outfit

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Hello everyone! 


    I wore this outfit yesterday and I wanted to show the pics. It is a black and white tunic with black leggins and sandles. Everything is from of course F21. I was in a rush yesterday and I needed to do my hair quick so I thought okay a bun would look cute with this outfit. During the day I wore this without the cardigan,but I was looking for an outfit for today I forgot that I had this cardigan and decided how cute it would look with the outfit. The jewelry is pretty cute also. The tight and I mean tight bracelet and the heart earrings. I paired it up with a belt that came from Walmart.  Enjoy the outfit.  Not the best pics of me either. If you are wondering why I always look tired in my pics, cause when I take them it is always late at night. I need to take them when I am not tired.







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